Ductless System in Richardson, TX

3 Reasons Your Ductless System Leaks Water in Richardson, TX

May 28, 2024

Using an efficient ductless system is an excellent way to tackle the summer heat. While this modern system offers many comfort benefits, it can still experience common HVAC issues like water leaks. Here are a few reasons why you may have a leaking ductless mini-split in Richardson, TX.

1. Compromised Drain Pan

In a healthy system, condensation will accumulate in the drain pan, which then pushes it to the condensate line. Unfortunately, rust and corrosion can damage this tray and make it leak. It can also incur damage when dropped or mishandled during cleaning.

Most times, it’s best to entirely replace the broken tray rather than attempt to fix it. Maintenance is a great way to catch the warning signs of a compromised drain pan before it fails and causes water damage.

2. Obstructed Condensate Line

Your condensate line is a thin tube of rubber or PVC that runs from your mini-split to a nearby drain. This drain line is vital for safely transporting moisture out of the system. Over time, debris like fungus and dust can build up inside, creating a significant blockage.

This clog will force the water back into the drain pan, creating an overflow and making a mess. You need to regularly check and clean this line to prevent obstructions from forming.

3. Dirty Air Filter

When the system’s filter fills up with debris, it can decrease airflow. Without enough air, certain components such as the coils will begin to ice over.

When the coils warm up again, they’ll melt the ice and leak water into your home. You can minimize your risk of leaks by thoroughly washing your mini-split filters at least once a month.

Ignoring a mini-split leak will only result in more water damage over time. Call our team at Quality 1 Energy Systems Heating & Air Conditioning for ductless AC service in Richardson, TX.

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