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How to Know When It’s Time to Replace Your Home’s Insulation

July 16, 2020

Home insulation is important. It is a key to cozy, relaxing and energy-efficient homes. It gives you many benefits all throughout the year. During severe winter months, it helps you trap heat indoors. And during summer months, it slows down the transmission of heat. It saves you money on energy bills.  So, if your home insulation goes bad, you may suffer the consequences.  And remember, it does not last forever. You need to replace it when it shows signs of deterioration.

Here are the top signs that denote it is time to replace your home insulation:

Too many variations in indoor temperature

Well-insulated homes take little to adjust to the outside temperature changes because good insulation obstructs the transmission of heat. If you notice your home responds quickly to the outside temperature shifts, it is a sign that your home insulation has thinned down.  It is time you need to add more or replace it.


Higher energy bills than the normal

If you notice your gas or electric bills are creeping up than usual, it is a sign of insufficient home insulation. Your HVAC systems have to work harder than usual to perform. This can shoot up the energy bills. When you properly insulate your home, you can easily cut down on your energy bills.

Presence of moisture around your windows or attic

A poorly-insulated home can pave way for moisture around the windows and the attic and in your living space. If you find water in these areas, it means your walls have poor insulation. You should take immediate action to rectify this problem. If you neglect these leaks, you could face unsightly water damage.  Proper insulation will keep moisture away from your home.

You can hear everything from outside

Proper insulation creates a barrier to dampen the sound. And poorly insulated floors, walls, and ceilings will let you hear everything. You can hear your neighbor’s conversation, cars racing down the road and more. Along with that, good insulation will add a layer of privacy to your home. Everyone likes to have privacy in their home. So, get your home properly insulated if you want to successfully soundproof your home.

Ice dams in your roof

A good example of poor insulation is the formation of ice dams. You will find ice dams when heat melts the bottom layer of snow off of your roof. The melted water may come down towards the gutters and may begin to freeze when it comes in contact with cool air. This results in ice dams.  Ice dams can damage your roof and the gutters. They can be a safety hazard for people living in the house.

Frozen pipes

If you find frozen pipes in your walls, it is an indication that your home has poor insulation. Proper insulation will protect your home from severe damage during winter months. The frozen pipes in the exterior walls can burst and create a problem for you. Investing in home insulation can save you money.

Signs of pests

As your home insulation become old, it becomes a resting place for the pests.  Birds, mice, rats and bats are some examples of creatures that will create a resting place in the insulation. If you find any sign of pests, plan to replace your home insulation. At the same time take the help of an exterminator to get rid of the pests.

Cold ceilings, walls and floors

In general, the ceilings, walls and floors should feel warm and dry. But when the paneling and the drywall inside feels cold or damp, there is insufficient insulation. So, think of replacing the insulation if you notice these signs.

Experience more of allergic symptoms

If you experience allergy symptoms at home but nowhere else, it is time to think about the insulation system. You might have a mold or mildew infestation multiplying in your insulation. When your insulation is old or worn, the wall or the attic insulation can absorb moisture. These areas can become a breeding for mold infestation.

Let Quality 1 Energy Systems Be Your Guide

We are a home insulation service provider in Dallas/Fort Worth area. We can help you identify the signs you should look for replacing your home insulation. Proper insulation in your attic, in walls and under the roof to help you cut down on your energy bills. Our experts know how much amount of insulation your home needs to keep you comfortable and relaxed. We will make your home more energy-efficient at an affordable cost. Our experts use the best and effective equipment and insulation products available today in the market to make your home comfortable.

Call us to talk to one of our home insulation experts and about our home insulation services.

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