Heat Pump Replacement in Dallas, TX

Is a New Furnace the Right Investment in Frisco, TX?

December 2, 2023

Before you go through another winter in Frisco, TX, it’s important to have a reliable furnace. Even if you have a furnace that has served you for a while, you may wonder if it is time to replace it. Below, we’ll go over three factors that can tell you if a new furnace will be the best investment for your home.

Consider Furnace Age

Furnace age is important to note because if your furnace is fairly new, you may do better to get repairs for it. Depending on the type of furnace that you have and how well-maintained the system is, you should be able to get 15 or more years from your furnace. If your system is older than that, it’s probably time to consider a replacement.

Current Performance

Maybe you’ve had the furnace repaired before, and it’s still short-cycling or acting up in another way. That would indicate serious wear and tear, probably age-related, and should push you toward a complete system replacement.

Current and Future Costs

One of the best ways to gauge your furnace’s efficiency is to look at your monthly utility bills. If that has been rising even though you’re not running the furnace any more than in past months, it’s a sign of inefficiency. In many cases, a new furnace is the best way to overcome this inefficiency.

Chances are that you’ll need to replace a costly component like the heat exchanger or blower motor. At such a time, you would factor in the furnace’s age. Generally, if repairing the furnace will cost you more than half of the price of installing a new one, it’s likely time for a switch.

Established in 1989, our company has NATE-certified technicians who can give you an honest, professional recommendation for replacement or repair. As Trane Comfort Specialists, we carry a wide selection of affordable, energy-efficient products. Get in touch with Quality 1 Energy Systems Heating & Air Conditioning if you’re looking into furnace installation here in Frisco.

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