HVAC Myths in Frisco, TX

Stop Buying Into These 3 HVAC Myths in Frisco, TX Today

September 30, 2022

People have different assumptions about HVAC systems. Some myths revolving around choosing and maintaining your HVAC system in Frisco, TX might affect your decision. Below are some HVAC myths that you shouldn’t buy into and the truth behind them.

The Bigger the AC the Better

Professionals use variable-speed equipment to measure your home’s heating and cooling capacity. Subsequently, they’ll recommend a unit that fits your home’s specific measurements. By following their advice, you’ll ensure that your system isn’t overworked, which would otherwise lead to damage.

Lowering the Temperature for Quick Cooling

You could believe that to cool the house quickly, you must lower the temperature on the thermostat. However, minimizing the temperature in your home will not hasten the cooling process; rather, your HVAC will use the same time to cool your home as it would if the temperatures were a bit higher. It would be best to keep your thermostat at your preferred temperature and be patient.

However, if the system takes longer than usual to cool down, there might be a problem. In that case, call your technician for a thorough inspection.

Preventive Maintenance Is Unnecessary

People assume you should fix your HVAC after it fails or breaks down. However, if you wait until there’s a problem, you’re losing efficiency, lowering the comfort level of your home, and potentially causing further damage to the system.

An HVAC needs annual maintenance to maintain its best working condition. During maintenance, the expert checks the entire system for any issues that may hinder performance. Always ensure routine care for your system; it’s how you prolong your HVAC’s lifespan.

As a company, we take pride in delivering the highest quality in everything we do at reasonable prices. Contact Quality 1 Energy Systems Heating & Air Conditioning for all HVAC products and services in Frisco, TX, and the surrounding areas.

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