Thermostat Placement in Dallas, TX

The 3 Best Places to Install a Thermostat in Dallas, TX

July 14, 2023

Whether you opt for a manual or a smart thermostat for your Dallas, TX home, you’ll save money when you choose the right location for it. You want to avoid rooms that are too hot or too cold as they will affect the temperature it reads. The following are some of the best places to install a new thermostat and locations to avoid.

1. Living Room

Your living room is one of the best places to choose, especially if it has an interior wall. While your family may spend most of their time there, it’s in a central location. It allows the thermostat to view the average temperature of your home.

2. Dining Room

While you should avoid your kitchen because the appliances produce a lot of heat, your dining room is a better option. You can usually find a spot for the unit on an interior wall and away from the kitchen.

3. First Floor

Always choose a spot on the first floor, but if you have two stories, consider adding two thermostats. Each one allows you to regulate the temperature on that specific floor. It’s easier to install an AC and thermostat at the same time on both floors.

Places to Avoid

Choosing the wrong location is risky because the thermostat will detect the wrong temperature and use your heating or cooling system more than it should. Don’t place it on any exterior wall, as the temperature outside can come through the wall. Air vents are also risky because of the airflow that comes through them.

Stay away from windows and doors. Even if properly sealed, the temperatures around those entrances fluctuate often. Try to avoid rooms that contain major appliances as they can also feel hotter.

Picking the best place for your new thermostat saves you money and keeps you from wasting energy on heating and cooling your Dallas, TX, home. We can assist you in finding the top location before we get to work. Call Quality 1 Energy Systems Heating & Air Conditioning to schedule AC or heating installation that works well with your thermostat.

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