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What Is The Best Air Conditioning Unit?

August 10, 2020

The summer days in Dallas can get brutal. We mean, living in a city where the annual high-temperature averages at 88°F is no joke! Well, you can buy an air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable even in these sweltering summer days and effortlessly beat the Texas heat. However, with so many options on the market, how do you choose the best air conditioner for your home? Don’t worry! We have got tips that will come in handy.

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You need to be familiar with the different types.

An air conditioner’s effectiveness and performance depend on its suitability for the location it is meant to cool. The following suggestions will help you determine an air conditioner’s suitability for your home in the Dallas-Fort Worth area:

Think about the room where you want the unit to be installed. If the room has a window where the machine can be fitted, you should just pick up a window unit. These are the cheapest units on the market. They are also fairly easy to install as long as you have basic tools and someone to help you balance it on the window sill while securing it.

If you do not have a window where you can position a window unit, a split air conditioner is a good alternative. These have become increasingly popular in recent years because the loudest part of the unit (the condenser) is placed outside. Meanwhile, only the fan is inside your home. This makes them particularly quiet. What’s more? Split air conditioners are also some of the most energy-efficient units you can find these days.

A portable model is best for those who do not want a unit to be installed in any specific space. You must keep in mind, though, that even a portable air conditioner requires ventilation. This means that you need to vent it through a door, window, wall, or even a ceiling panel.

Buying the correct size unit for the area you wish to cool is important.

A big factor in getting the best air conditioner is deciding the best size for your Dallas home. Don’t take this lightly because AC units that are too small will have to work harder to cool the home. Bigger is not always better either – a unit that is too large is wasteful of money and energy.

You should be able to rely on your qualified air conditioner contractor to analyze the size of your home and give you the recommendations for the best size. As a general rule, to cool a small room 8,000 to 10,000 BTU is just fine, however, to cool a floor or a house, try getting a 20,000 BTU unit.

Prioritize energy efficiency.

Air conditioners can use a lot of electricity, so it makes sense to invest in an energy-efficient unit. While you want your interior air to remain cool, you don’t want your energy bill to skyrocket through the roof, which is why you need to pay very careful attention to the overall efficiency of the product and choose one that will not break the bank every time you switch it on. You will probably pay more for an energy-efficient unit in the beginning, but it would definitely be more cost-effective in the long run.

You will find the efficiency rating on all air conditioners. The higher the rating, the better. Compare units to determine the trade-off between the cost of the system, the efficiency rating, and the probable savings in energy costs over time.

You will also need to consider the brand.

As with any type of appliance, there are industry leaders and manufacturers that build their appliances to certain standards. Brands such as Mitsubishi Electric and Trane are reliable and dependable. Going with the big guns means that your AC unit will last for years, providing your family with cool temperatures in the home while it is sweltering outside.

You want an air conditioner with a host of useful features.

User-friendliness is also an important criterion to consider before you make your purchase. In particular, we recommend that you look for a unit that is quiet and has a waterless tank. This will reduce the hassle of having to drain the tank regularly. Many units come with remote controls, and this can be a useful feature to adjust the temperature from across the room. Finally, a timer is particularly handy because it allows you to set a specific time for the unit to shut on or off.

Looking for the Best AC Service in Dallas, TX?

If you are tired of the hot, sweaty Dallas summers, you are probably considering purchasing an air conditioner unit for your home. Before you head to the store and make your purchase, make sure you consider the factors mentioned above.

Still confused?

If you are in Dallas, TX, and looking for advice on your next AC purchase, trust the cooling experts at Quality 1 Energy Systems. Our team of highly-trained, licensed technicians is here to respond to any air conditioner question you have. We will evaluate your home and help you select a cooling system of the right size to get the job done right, without you having to pay more on your utility bills. We also offer top-of-the-line air conditioning units and unbeatable warranty and financing options!

Give us a call at (214) 974-4423 to speak with one of our AC pros!

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