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Why is HVAC preventive maintenance important?

September 17, 2020

If you want to ensure that the HVAC system in your Dallas home runs efficiently, you must see to it that there is proper and regular maintenance performed on your system. Having a preventative maintenance plan in place will not only help you save on your utility bills, but also avoid expensive repairs and replacements down the line.

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Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Regular HVAC maintenance is the key to an efficient and long-lasting HVAC system that delivers quality performance. Some of the benefits of regular maintenance are listed below:

Early Detection of Problems

When you get your HVAC system regularly inspected, any issues or reasons for concern can be detected way before in time. Routine checks help you identify problems in the initial stages and take corrective measures immediately to prevent things from getting worse any further. This, in turn, saves you from greater expenses in the future.

Efficient System

Regular maintenance ensures that your unit is working efficiently. An efficient system is vital for lower utility bills because an efficient unit uses less energy than non-efficient ones. When a system is not functioning efficiently, it needs more energy to provide the level of comfort that you desire. More energy usage equals greater bills. You can easily save up on costs by getting regular maintenance for the system. Acquiring professional services even once a year would prove to be helpful and make the maintenance of your HVAC system largely cost-effective.

Lower Chances of Untimely Repairs

Homeowners are particularly interested in bringing down the chances of untimely repairs that can cause sudden expenses and end up putting you in a difficult situation. Regular HVAC maintenance provides the solution to this problem. You can easily manage expenses without having to deal with unexpected repairs that demand sudden cash outflows. Regular maintenance would even keep off the need for costly repairs and enable you to enjoy greater peace of mind.

Determining the Need for Acquiring a New Unit

Regular HVAC maintenance helps you decide when and whether you need to get a new system. Professional technicians can inspect the system and easily determine when the system has reached its end. They detect chronic problems and are able to tell that the system would stop functioning soon. Getting a new system installed could be expensive, but it is a much more feasible option than spending heavily on repairs that would not be getting it anywhere.

Extend your HVAC system’s life, breathe in cleaner air, and save up on precious money with regular HVAC maintenance.

What’s Included in Regular HVAC Maintenance?

Here are some of the regular HVAC maintenance tasks that you perform to extend your heating and cooling system’s life.

Change Your Filters

One of the most cost-effective steps that you can take is to change your air filters regularly. Your filters are designed to remove dirt and allergens from the air circulating in your home. By changing them regularly, you can keep the air in your home cleaner for you and your family. But changing filters will also help your HVAC system work better and experience fewer mechanical problems. Over time, as the filter removes more debris from your home’s air, it becomes clogged and works less efficiently. This not only puts more strain on your system but also wastes utilities.

Check Your Fan

As it operates, the fan that circulates the air can become loose due to vibration. Whenever you change your filters, check the fan to make sure that it is solidly placed. If the bolts that hold it in place are loosened, it allows the fan to move, slacking the fan belt.

Check Your Fan Belt

Fan belts are one of the pieces that are constantly moving in your furnace. Check them every time you change your filter to see if they are becoming worn and need replacing. If they are shiny, it can indicate that the belt is sliding on the pulley and has stretched or loosened enough that it no longer has a tight fit.

Clean The Fan Blades

Check and vacuum the blower area. Also, make sure to use a brush or rag to wipe off the fan blades. Dust and dirt build-up on the fan blades can lead to extra strain on the motor and even throw your fan out of balance.

Oil The Fan Motor

Putting a few drops on the blower motor can keep it running smoothly. However, some newer motors are sealed and don’t require oil, so make sure that you check with your HVAC maintenance person about whether or not you need to oil the motor.

Once A Year

Every year it is essential that you have an HVAC maintenance professional check your HVAC unit. If it is a combination heater/cooler unit having it checked at the change of seasons is a good idea. You should also check various components, including the air filters, belt, air ducts, and fan controls. If appropriate, also inspect your burner flame.


By taking good care of your HVAC unit, you will get a longer life out of it and lower overall maintenance costs. Like anything else that requires regular maintenance, waiting until it is broken will only increase the expense of fixing it. Make sure that you do regular HVAC maintenance, and you will be much less likely to be sitting in the heat one hot night with a broken air conditioner trying to find someone who can fix it.

Looking for the Best HVAC Maintenance in Dallas, TX?

HVAC maintenance is an essential part of homeownership. By maintaining your unit, you will dramatically improve its efficiency, save on utility costs, avoid potential breakdowns, and dramatically extend your unit’s life. If you are in Dallas, TX, you can trust the HVAC experts at Quality 1 Energy Systems for the job. Our experienced and licensed technicians can deal with all the maintenance issues before them becoming major problems.

Give us a call at (214) 974-4423 to schedule your HVAC maintenance or enroll in a maintenance program now!



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